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Urgent Prayer Update 4.13.22

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

As expected, things are getting worse in Kharkiv, Ukraine, our ministry city with a pre-war population of 1.5 million people. Over the past week, many more people have fled the city because of the Russian troops repositioning to the east (Kharkiv is the prize city of the east). One of our ministry partners is getting as many people out as possible every day … about 100 people per day are being evacuated (New Life Church).

The bombing is unrelenting and the magnitude of destruction is increasing. Russians are now sending bombs with parachutes that hit all across the city and not just on the outskirts. People are becoming more desperate and fearful. One of our ministry partners (Pentecostal Union) had to leave a food distribution location when trying to hand out food, because people were panicking, running toward them and pushing women and children aside, just to get the food. It was a tragic situation, so they had to leave before distributing everything.

It is reported that there are now up to 30,000 Russian military surrounding our city and ready for a big offensive. Another one of our ministry partners (Good News Church) said that everyone is more depressed than ever and everyone carries their identification papers and passports, in case they are killed someone will know who they are.

I knew things were going to get worse, and this is just the beginning stages. Please keep these people in your prayers. The coming days and weeks are going to be very difficult.

God bless you all!


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