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The Cross of Christ

The logo is a Christian cross that reminds us of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection from the grave. Because of his resurrection, Jesus lives to intercede for every Christian believer as his or her high priest until we can be reunited with him fully in the near future.


Two Roads

The logo is also two roads that connect Christians from the western and eastern hemispheres for the common goal of reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ. SCM takes great pride in being a ministry that has helped empower nationals to reach their own people, while helping Americans connect, build relationships, and partner with Slavic people in ministry and meaningful relationships.

The Colors

The logo is comprised of three colors, with two of the colors signifying the cross. The upper portion of the cross is dark blue, which symbolically represents the prayers of God’s people going up to heaven. SCM clearly understands that without God’s blessing, nothing eternal will be accomplished. Thus, we rely heavily on prayer.

The lower portion of the cross is in crimson, which symbolically represents the blood of Christ that was sacrificed on the cross at Calvary, and is available to all people around the world for the purification of their personal sin when a person turns to Jesus and asks for forgiveness.

The word Slavic is in gray. The Slavic people are the target group for SCM. This may include any person that lives within an eastern European or western Asian nation that is Slavic in ethnicity or any person in the world that speaks a Slavic language, no matter their location of residence. The color gray was chosen to emphasize the fact that without Jesus as a person’s personal Savior, life has no meaning.

The color gray is also a constant reminder to our ministry that our work is never done as long as there is a lost soul who does not know Jesus personally.

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