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Since Christian Ministries inception in 2001, we have grown into a multi-faceted ministry that has reached over 16,000 people with the gospel message. Since the beginning of the war, our ministry has helped over 150,000 people in Kharkiv through our six ministry partners, support Ukrainian orphans in Romania, and help support 60+ refugee families in Europe. Many of these people who have been reached are the orphaned and outcast of society. With your donation, you can help rebuild the lives of many people we are serving in Kharkiv and across Ukraine. We ask that you prayerfully consider donating to our worthy cause. Until we recover from this devastating war, all proceeds earmarked for Ukraine will go towards humanitarian needs and to help war refugees. Click below to make a donation for the ministry. 

Note: All Donations are Tax-Deductible


One-Time Donation

Suggested Donation Amounts for One-Time

·  Where Most Needed (Any amount one-time)

·  Sponsor a War Refugee Family (One-time gift of $250 - $500)

·  Sponsor Ukrainian Orphans in Romania (One-time gift of $50 - $1,000)

Recurring Donation (Select Monthly)

Suggested Donation Amounts for Recurring

·  Where Most Needed (Any amount of a recurring gift)

·  Sponsor a War Refugee Family ($250 recurring gift)

·  Sponsor Ukraine orphans in Romania ($200 per month recurring gift)