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Be Blessed. Become A Blessing!

Since Slavic Christian Ministries inception in 2001, we have grown into a multi-faceted ministry that has reached over 16,000 people with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Since the beginning of the war, our ministry has helped about 150,000 people in Kharkiv with food, medicine, heating units, biblical resources, car repairs,  and other supplies through our ministry partners. We also support Ukrainian refugees in several western European countries.

Note: All Donations are Tax-Deductible


Suggested Donation Amounts

·  Where Most Needed (Any amount)

·  Sponsor a War Refugee Family ($250 - $500)

·  Sponsor a Ukrainian family in poverty with small children still in the home ($50-$1,000)

·  Church Sponsorship in Kharkiv ($500 - $5,000)

·  Sponsor winter heating units ($300 - $3,000)

·  Sponsor a children's Christmas party with presents in war zone ($50-$3,000)

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