Be Blessed. Become A Blessing!

Since Christian Ministries inception in 2001, we have grown into a multi-faceted ministry that has reached thousands of people with the gospel message. Many of these people who have been reached are the orphaned and outcast of society.

Every year, we are amazed and blessed to watch God’s work being accomplished because of the sacrificial giving from his people. With your donation, you can continue this great work of reaching communities through our evangelism and discipleship ministries, and invest in the lives of many hurting and abused children.

We ask that you prayerfully consider donating to our worthy cause. Please partner with us and help those who desperately need the touch of the Savior. Click below to make a donation for the ministry.

Note: All Donations are Tax-Deductible


One-Time Donation

Suggested Donation Amounts for One-Time

·       Where Most Needed (Any amount one-time)

·       Orphan Christmas Outreach (One-time Gift of $50 - $2,500)

·       Orphan Hygiene Products (One-time gift of $35 - $800)

·       Sponsor an Orphan (One-time gift of $50 - $500)

·       Sponsor a War Refugee Family (One-time gift of $50 - $250)

·       Drug Rehabilitation Ministry (One-time gift of $50 - $250)

·       Senior Citizen Evangelism and Ministry (One-time gift of $50 - $250)

·       Sponsor a Medical Mission Trip (One-time gift of $500)

Recurring Donation (Select Monthly)

Suggested Donation Amounts for Recurring

·       Where Most Needed (Any amount of a recurring gift)

·       Sponsor an Orphan ($50 recurring gift)

·       Sponsor a War Refugee Family ($50 recurring gift)

·       Drug Rehabilitation Ministry ($50 recurring gift)

·       Theological Education and Discipleship Ministry ($50 recurring gift)

·       Senior Citizen Evangelism and Ministry ($50 recurring gift)

·       Sponsor a Medical Mission Trip ($100 recurring gift)