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Urgent Prayer Request 5.17.22 - (Updated 5.19.22)

Updated: May 19, 2022

Urgent Prayer (Newest Update 5/19/22): One of the ladies from his church visited pastor Sasha and brought him some food in a concentration area. Pastor Sasha Salfyetnikov informed her that they are beating him up regularly, yelling at him, and trying to force him to sign false documents that he is a spy for the Americans and that he is sexually abusing children in his church (both, of course are totally untrue!). He has been so brutally beaten that an ambulance has come to try to take him to the hospital, but the Russians will not let him go. I still don't have information on his wife, whose name is Katya. Please continue to pray. Thank you, Ron


Dear Friends and Partners,

Our usual ministry update will be coming out tomorrow or the next day, but today we have an urgent prayer request. One of our dear friends and ministry partners for years has been taken into custody by the Russian military (both him and his wife). We are very concerned. His name is Sasha Salfyetnikov. He prayed over Katya and I when we were married many years ago. He is a very good senior pastor from a Baptist Church in Balaklayea, Ukraine, which is a town about an hour drive south of Kharkiv. It is a location that had been overrun by Russians. We have no idea why he and his wife were taken, but those in the town are gravely concerned. I have added three photos below. Thank you for praying - the story is still developing. - Ron Putnam

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