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Ministry Update for the week of 3.7.22 - 3.14.22

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Dear Friends and Partners, my desire is to provide you a quick touchpoint three times per month (as time allows) and our regular prayer letter once per month. I am hoping to keep you updated, but things do change very quickly.

Here is this week’s update:

The bombs are continuing to destroy portions of in Kharkov. The Russian military has already destroyed the center of the city, and now is targeting the suburbs around the city. They have besieged hospitals, kid’s schools, college buildings, government buildings, and residential high-rise apartments. One of our ministry partners has told me that when the Ukrainian military fights back, the bomb shelters are constantly shaking, which frightens many people, including children. I am sad to report that no one is safe in Kharkiv.

Many people have left the city, some by train to the border (we know of at least 150+ women and children who got on trains), some have departed to villages outside the city (living with two to three families per home). “Desperation and hopelessness have set in for many families, as they have lost everything,” said pastor Kalin of New Life Church.

Some have risked traveling to Western Ukraine. But since there is no gasoline, it is difficult for most to get to the west side of the country. It is also being reported that at some highway checkpoints, the Ukrainian military is making it mandatory for men to sign up for the military, which is also hindering travel.

Here is the update on our ministry partners:

• Good News Church of Kharkiv: Feeding and bought supplies for 1,500+ people regularly

• Holy Trinity Church of Kharkiv: Feeding several hundred people

• New Life Church of Kharkiv: Feeding and helping transport hundreds of people

• Living Hope Baptist Church of Kharkiv: Feeding and helping hundreds of people

• Pentecostal Union: Making 600-700 loves of bread daily and distributing it to the poor, while also providing biblical pamphlets to help encourage them spiritually too.

• Sent money to a partnering Romanian ministry, who will be taking care of refugees in the near future

• Already sent an additional $5,000 to people and ministries fleeing KYIV and are at or near the Polish border.

• Continuing to encourage and help people in our drug rehab facility

• Had initial conversations with Colorado governor and Aurora mayor once we begin seeing refugees from Ukraine. But the process is very slow and the US government hasn’t fast-tracked anything, so we are in a wait and see mode with this

• Continuing to bring awareness through friends, churches, TV, newspapers, and other publications.

• We are sending thousands upon thousands of dollars weekly. Despite us being a small ministry, we have already distributed about $13,000 already with much more to come in the next week.

• On a sadder note, someone highjacked and took several hundred dollars and a carful of food that was going to be distributed by one of our partnering ministries.

Please continue to help us save the Ukrainian people by becoming a regular donor. We have already seen a huge drop off in giving, since the beginning of the war. If you are willing to become or recurring donor (or keep giving one occasion through one-time donations), please go here:

Thank you for all of your prayers and donations. You are making a difference for the brave people of Ukraine!

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