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March 1

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I am sure you are aware of the war in Ukraine, since the news is commenting on it consistently, we are posting on Facebook, and I am sending regular updates via email too.

I am sure you are as saddened, sickened, and horrified by all of the things happening to these peaceful people. The Russian military is so aggressive, they have broken the ceasefire - civilians are being shot at and bombed when they are trying to peacefully leave.

This is my saddest prayer letter I have ever written in my life. Many of you are aware of the following:

• They have targeted military & civilian locations and are unceasingly bombing Kharkov day and night;

• Many civilians are injured, dead or in absolute fear;

• In Kharkov, much of the infrastructure around the city is completed destroyed and leveled to rubble or buildings are a mere shell of what they once were;

• There is much fear, panic, sorrow, concern, and disillusionment with the civilian population;

• Many family, friends & co-workers are either in bunkers, staying in their apartment homes, hoping they don’t get hit, or have fled the city. We are also monitoring friends and family’s progress as they try to get to Western Ukraine by car;

• It is almost impossible to get to West Ukraine from Kharkov (since Kharkov is on the far east side of the country), unless you take a train or bus (there is lots of fighting just to get a seat). If you take a vehicle, it now takes you an entire day to go 1.5 hours of regular driving time;

• Electricity is gone in many parts of the city (not sure if they can fix or not, but communication may become more difficult);

• Many windows have been blown out, where bombs exploded (Remember this is the middle of winter!);

• Food and water are running out and triple the cost of pre-war prices;

• Banks are closed and ATM’s are empty;

• In a nutshell, it is horrible situation, human suffering is immense, and we need your ongoing prayers!

Here are the hopeful green shoots:

• We are able to get money to pastors in Kharkov to buy food for their people;

• Pastors in Kharkov are bravely helping their people physically, spiritually, and emotionally;

• Our pastor friends take their lives in their own hands, drive 1.5 hours to another town to buy food and bring it back in their cars to feed their church members;

• Our board met on Saturday, 3/5/22, and we have a very good strategy on how to help those churches and people who remain in Kharkov, helping those people who have fled to the border, those families who are in desperate need, and we have entered into a formal agreement with a Romanian Christian ministry to house and feed Ukrainian refugees who can get to their location after they cross the Romanian border;

• We are in dialogue with the governor of Colorado’s office, mayor of Aurora, CO, and an immigration attorney in Denver to help refugees once they begin trickling into Colorado (which is still months and months away, but the groundwork is being set);

• God is opening doors on every news station and newspaper in Colorado Springs to bring awareness for prayer and help (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Colorado Springs Gazette);

• No one has died within our circle of friends, family and partners (as far as we are aware);

• The Ukrainian people are strong in their devotion to their country during their darkest hour and we are so proud of them and fully support them!

Thank you for all your prayers and financial partnership. Please consider becoming a regular monthly donor, because the millions of displaced people will need months and months of help, if not years. Please sign up for a recurring donation or give as God leads you at

We will be giving regular updates on Facebook, so please friend one of these sites: Slavic Christian Ministries, Katya Putnam or Ron Putnam. We will also be sending you regular updates on how things are progressing.

Thank you to everyone for your love, prayers, and giving! Every prayer, every dollar, every word of encourage, gives hope to all those we are helping!

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