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March 2023

Hello dear friends,

I hope you are doing well. I want to thank everyone who gave toward our emergency food purchase last month. We were expecting a huge Russian offensive by now, but it looks like the intense fighting remains in the city of Bakhmut, about 2.5 hours south of our city of Kharkiv.

If you believe the news reports, Russia and Ukraine have lost a combined total of 300,000 troops, not including the wounded. It is a very bloody war.

Troy Offenbecker, who is an ex-marine serving in Ukraine’s International Legion said, “The scene is grisly, with a Ukrainian soldier fighting on the front line having a life expectancy of only four hours.” In a video by Russian Wagner commander, Vladimir Oleksanrovich, he reported on March 4 that Bakhmut is almost fully surrounded by the Russians and the Ukrainian military should leave, since their survival rate is only one to two days. The survival timelines are short for

anyone on the frontlines in Bakhmut.

I am wondering if the offensive didn’t happen yet, to give the Chinese an opportunity to promote their peace plan. I just don’t know … My prayer is that this war will be over soon!

Last month we sent $8,000 to buy food for two of our Ukrainian partners who don’t receive UN food boxes. As you can see from the photos within this letter, your sacrificial giving helped many people make it awhile longer. We were also able to get another generator for them too. A huge thank you to everyone who gave last month to make this happen. Both church ministries are extremely grateful for your help.

Please keep our ministry partners in your prayers; I have noticed that exhaustion has set in after a year of this war. They continue to faithfully serve thousands upon thousands of people every week, but I am getting a sense that they are resigned to the fact that the war may be protracted and supply lines have diminished considerably. Just like us, they want this war to be over.

For much of the remainder of 2023, I will highlight each of the five Kharkiv ministries you are supporting. They truly are God’s heroes! Here is what pastor Vitali of Good News Church has said to me over a couple of conversations (he is one of the two churches to receive the money in February):


“Dear friends, I want to thank Slavic Christian Ministries for your recent donation. You have been so kind to us over the past year. Every time there was a huge need you have been there for us. In the beginning of the war, before other larger ministry could step in, it was your ministry, and the loving support of your people that helped keep us alive in our dark moments with food, medicine, and supplies. Then you helped us when our vehicles broke down, with our Christmas outreach, and providing so many heating units. Now you helped us again with even more food. Because of your help, we are able to keep our soup kitchen open that feeds many people in Kharkiv. I honestly thought we were going to have to close our doors to this ministry, but with your help, we can keep this soup kitchen open. We are also able to send more food packages to some of our churches in outlying areas too. Thank you to everyone who is helping us here at Good News Church.” - Vitali

We are delighted to help support their ministry, as well as, so many other ministries too. However, Slavic Christian Ministries’ donations just are not at the levels they were in 2022 – all I can say is that last year must have been a spike in donations due to the war and it isn’t a sustainable amount year over year. Unless churches and individuals give again like in 2022, we will remain faithful with what God has provided, but we may need to reduce our budget at our May board meeting to reflect what the regular donors/partners in America are giving. Everyone who partners with us in the past is a huge blessing from God, but for those who continue to give and pray, you are an exceptional gift from God to Slavic Christian Ministries and the people of Ukraine - Thank you for your on-going prayers and giving.

Next month, I will be highlighting one of our ministry partners whose staggering outreach numbers will positively shock you. If anything escalates in Ukraine between now and then, I will send you an urgent prayer update by email. Again, we thank God for you in every way!

In Jesus’ love,


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