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Christmas & Heating Needs Update

Christmas & Heating Needs Update

Dear Friends, our prayer letter went out last week, where we are accepting donations for children's Christmas gifts. But since then, our Ukrainian partners have asked for donations to cover home heating units ($50) and generators for larger facilities ($1,100).

Here is an article that just came out that I agree with - please read: (copy and paste in your browser)

If you would like to give to the Christmas outreach, please put "gift." If you want to donate towards heating devices, add in the notes "heat." In our area, there is a combination of no heat or intermittent heat, so both are needed. The aim is to purchase heating units for families with small children first that have electricity.

Please donate below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God bless you! - Ron

To make a tax-deductible donation, please go here:

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