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4/6/22 Update

Fierce fighting must be expected because "all residence of Donetsk, Lugansk, and parts of Kharkiv (our city)" are being asked to evacuate immediately. I can't imagine what additional fierce fighting is going to happen, since Kharkiv is being shelled and bomed continuously.

We know that the Russian army is moving towards the east to try to take control of that entire region, so perhaps this evacuation is about this possibility.

Thank you for all your prayers the past two days too; I haven't heard any reports of our people being hurt so far over the past two days from Kharkiv explosions!

4/4/22 Update

URGENT UPDATE: Our ministry partners asked for additional prayer for the next three days. Kharkiv is expecting an enormous amount of bombs and shelling for the next three days. The government has said to not leave the bomb shelters at all. However, our ministry partners are risking their lives to still distribute food, water, and medicine even with the additional bombs and shelling. Another pastor's home was destroyed several days ago and the city is rapidly deteriorating.

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