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Ministry Update for the week of 3.22.22 - 3.28.22

Dear Friends and Partners,

Thank you for your on-going prayers – it has been a hard week in Kharkiv and across the entire country of Ukraine. In the past week, there were several unfortunate events that impacted our ministry partners:

· Pastor Sergei’s home was destroyed by a missile explosion;

· Pastor Peter’s home was destroyed by a missile explosion and his car was hurt by shrapnel and he injured his head when he was helping people outside a building when a bomb unexpectantly went off (possible concussion and hurt leg);

· Holy Trinity Church was severely damaged by a missile explosion while people were there, but thankfully no one was injured;

· On 3/24, the Russian army bombed innocent civilians who were lined up for food and humanitarian aid, killing and injuring many people;

· On 3/22, Russia bombed a retirement home with 400 senior citizens inside, leaving them in a dire situation;

· Our ministry partners are now driving between 1.5 – 8 hours each direction, just to find food for people remaining in Kharkiv.

I am beyond grieved for that happened this week – our pastors are tired, in a state of mourning, but are trying their best to work around the clock to help those in desperate need. It is overwhelming – that is all I can say.

There is some humanitarian aid finally entering Kharkiv, but they city is so far away from the Polish and Romanian borders that the supplies are sparse, in comparison to other areas of Ukraine. Kharkiv continues to be bombarded daily. It remains the second worst hit city, behind Mariupol, which is in the news cycle the most this past week.

The last report I heard, if accurate, is that 50% of all children in Ukraine are now displaced. We know people that were hesitant to leave their homes that are now deciding enough is enough. I am sure more people will leave their homes in the weeks to come too.

We continue to send thousands of dollars to our Ukrainian ministry partners and also making individual donations to those who have fled their homes that are from KYIV and Kharkiv. Some people remain at the western border of Ukraine, while women and children have fled to Romania, Germany, Poland, France, and Spain. Many people have no idea what tomorrow brings, but we are continuing to help and encourage the best we can as a ministry. Here are brief updates with all of our ministry partners:

· Good News Church of Kharkiv: Continues to feed thousands of people, including orphans, the elderly whose nursing home was destroyed, etc.

· Holy Trinity Church of Kharkiv: Providing medicine and humanitarian supplies for hundreds of people in the Kharkiv suburb of Saltavka and in villages around Kharkiv. This was a really hard week for this church;

· New Life Church of Kharkiv: They continue to help feed and help transport hundreds of people out of Kharkiv and Chuguev (about 25 minutes south of Kharkiv) to the border on the West side of Ukraine;

· Living Hope Baptist Church of Kharkiv: They continue to help feeding hundreds of people. The pastor is asking for prayers, now that his home is destroyed, he is battling fatigue, and mental sharpness because he had some lingering effects of COVID that hurt his mental capacity;

· Pentecostal Union: They continue to make 600-700 loaves of bread daily and distributing it to the poor, but now they have to drive all the way to the Polish border to buy wheat because there no longer is any available in their area to make the loaves of bread. Also they need their truck repaired, with all the wear and tear on it in recent times;

· We will have the president of our partner Romanian ministry give us an update on how they are preparing for the refugees;

· KYIV: We have already distributed $10,000 to many families fleeing to the border and to various ministries. More details to come later;

· Rehab Facility: The rehab facility where we have been working for years continues to function, but now they are also feeding 450 people in nearby villages where many people from Kharkiv have fled away from. There is no update that is any different this week from last week;

· Federal & Colorado Government: On 3/22, the Federal government said that the US will allow up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine, which is good news. I am sure more details will come soon;

· Romania: Our ministry partner in Romania flew to Romania from the US last week to encourage his people and to prepare for Ukrainian refugees. We have sent them seed money, but we will get an update upon his return to see how prepared they are to take refugees or place them in Romanian homes;

· Media: Denver Seminary, my alma mater, said they will inform alumni on their social media platform about the needs in Ukraine and how they can help SCM. Please pray that God opens hearts through this platform;

· Medi-Share, a Christian medical bill sharing ministry will begin having volunteers help with administration needs beginning on 3/30;

How Can you help?

Please advocate to your church on our behalf. See if you can set up a meeting for me to speak to your pastor or mission leader. I would love to connect with your church and see how your church may be partner with our ministry.

Please continue to help us save the Ukrainian people by becoming a regular/recurring donor. If you are willing to become or recurring donor (or keep giving one occasion through one-time donations), please go here:

Below are a few ministry photos. Thank you for all of your prayers and donations. You are making a difference and we thank God for you!

In Jesus love,


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